Online Stack Dust Analyzer

Particulate emission monitoring is a challenging technical field, not only because of the application specific accuracy and performance of particulate emission monitors, but also due to the harsh environments in which they must continuously operate.


To meet these challenges, PCME produce a comprehensive range of monitoring solutions to meet the broad needs of particulate emitting industries worldwide and the requirements of national and international regulations.


► ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification instruments provide rugged and accurate performance in applications with low dust levels (eg bagfilters) and provide a practical alternative to optical systems when instrument maintenance is not readily available.


► Cross-duct DynamicOpacity™ Ratiometric Opacity techniques overcome contamination problems of traditional opacity techniques in power plant and combustion applications and are most suitable for large stacks and relatively high dust loading conditions.


► ProScatter™ Light Scatter technology provides a highly accurate and traceable solution for chemical, metal, incineration, cement and power plant applications, especially those with low dust and falling under EN 14181 and PS-11 requirements.










Our Partners


The 22nd Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition will be held on 6-9 May. 2017 in Tehran International permanent Fairground.

Fazar Tajhiz Jam: Hall 44B, Booth 1353



Publication date : 30 April 2017

Fazar Tajhiz Jam held a seminar on “water network monitoring"

Publication date : 16 October 2016

Fazar Tajhiz Jam sponsors “Read with me”, The Winner of Ibby-Asahi Book Promotion Award 2016

Publication date : 16 October 2016

The15th Iran International Environment Exhibition will be held on 29 Feb. - 3 Mar. 2016 in Tehran International permanent Fairground.

Fazar Tajhiz Jam: Hall 8,9, stand no.139




Publication date : 24 February 2016
Iranian-German Water Partnership- Day 2015
9.November 2015
Location: ABGINEH HALL of the Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company

Publication date : 10 November 2015
Fazar Tajhiz Jam was one of the participants in seconde international HSE exhibition which has hold in 5-8 october 2015 - Tehran  

Publication date : 09 October 2015
By Fazar Tajhiz jam a training seminar to introduce the methods and systems for the control and instrumentation technologies ,was held in Simorgh Hotel on Tuesday 05 May 2015  

Publication date : 06 May 2015

Iran will hold its 20th international Oil and Gas Show from May 6 to 9 in Tehran.


Publication date : 01 May 2015
The first international exhibition of health, safety , environmental and fire on 28 Nov. to 1 December 2014 was held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground .

Publication date : 22 November 2014


By Fazar Tajhiz sales department ,a training seminar to introduce the measurement equipment ,control and monitoring of toxic gases at oil and gas facilities ,was held in Offshore Oil Co. on Monday 10 September 2015.    

Publication date : 11 September 2014
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