Approved Flue Gas Velocity CEM for stack velocity, volumetric flow and pollutant mass release calculations when linked to Gas and Dust CEMS.

The PCME STACKFLOW 200 averaging pitot sensor is designed to monitor the flow rate of emissions from industrial stacks for process control, regulatory flow rate and mass emission reporting (kg/year), Temperature and Pressure.

Utilized as a standalone sensor or in combination with PCME controllers for the monitoring of particulate and flue gas as part of a larger monitoring network, the STACKFLOW 200 consists of:

  • Sensor probe
  • Electronics enclosure (‘Measurement’), which contains the main electronic components, connections and sensors
  • Pneumatic enclosure (‘Calibration’), which contains the manual Zero and Span check controls


Feature and benefits

  • Continuous high-quality measurement of flue gas velocity, temperature and pressure
  • Works in elevated temperatures and applications with high dust loadings
  • Manual reference self-checks for quality assurance and regulatory compliance
  • Sensor allows the connection of ENVEA gas analyzers directly to the STACKFLOW 200 reducing the number of ports required for other individual CEMs packages

Main Application

  • Stack velocity, volumetric flow and pollutant mass release calculations (when linked to gas and dust CEMS)
  • Incineration
  • Metals (eg Steel/Aluminum)
  • Minerals (eg Cement/Gypsum)
  • Chemicals (eg Refinery / Rubber)
  • Power Generation Plant (eg Coal/Biomass)